Cirrus Hosting Introduces Private Networking To Its Public Cloud Platform

Cirrus Hosting, a leading provider of VPS hosting,enterprise cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting, will offer public cloud hosting clients the ability to build private virtual networks within the Cirrus Hosting cloud. Whereas deploying a private network would have previously involved the purchase of expensive dedicated switches or VLAN products, Cirrus Hosting’s cloud-based private network solutions are inexpensive, quick to deploy, and easy to manage — offering unbeatable flexibility, security, and scalability for clients who need fine-grained control of their cloud environment.

Providing features previously only available on private cloud infrastructure, Cirrus Hosting’s new private network products allow for the creation of networks with multiple subnets within the company’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service public cloud. Public cloud users now have the freedom to design and deploy network topologies suited to their specific infrastructure requirements, including both public Internet-facing subnets and firewalled private subnets.

As an example, a large eCommerce operation could create a network with web servers located on a public subnet, and application servers, file servers, and database servers located on a private subnet with no direct access to the wider Internet. Deploying networks in this fashion allows clients to securely isolate key parts of their infrastructure with strict access controls.

Because Cirrus Hosting’s private cloud networks leverage the company’s established IaaS platform, launching new server instances within the network is trivially easy. Both private and public subnets can be scaled to meet demand via an intuitive web interface, which can also be used to manage the private network’s firewalls.

“The introduction of private networks is a significant enhancement to our public cloud platform,” commented Cirrus CEO Ehsan Mirdamadi. “By allowing clients to easily create private and public subnets within their own private network, we have empowered them to leverage our technology to create flexible infrastructure deployments with fine-grained control over security, access, and scaling.”

Cirrus Hosting has built a reputation as a trusted provider of enterprise cloud hosting to businesses and government organizations in Canada and internationally. The addition of private networking capabilities further cements the company’s position as the foremost Canadian cloud hosting and virtual private server hosting provider.

About Cirrus Hosting

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