IDSync® Releases Cloud AD Integration for APS 2 Includes Open AD™ Integration for Parallels ISV Partners

IDSync 2014 makes two-way Active Directory® data integration, advanced provisioning, and service configuration available to any cloud offering which leverages the unique features of APS 2, creating an exciting new open integration method for hybrid cloud identity management and provisioning with APS. Please go to our website to download the briefing package.

Seamless Integration to APS 2 Service Bus
With IDSync 2014, Active Directory is tightly and securely integrated with the Parallels APS 2 Service Bus, allowing APS 2 compliant ISVs to leverage user, computer, distribution list, contact, and organization unit information safely and securely for cloud service upselling, provisioning, automated configuration, advanced discovery, and unified login.

“Service Providers are serving larger customers every day, many who have hybrid cloud environment requirements.” said John Zanni, chief marketing officer, Parallels. “The IDSync APS 2 compliant identity management service from InnerApps gives our ISV partners new APS application integration options to further enhance their solutions, and enables our service provider partners to offer a sophisticated solution for on premise Active Directory integration with their cloud services.”

NEW in IDSync 2014
In addition to APS 2 support and expanded support for Exchange, SharePoint and Lync, the newest version of IDSync supports a range of new features.

  • APS 2 Service Bus support for Active Directory User, Computer, Group, Contact, and OU objects
  • View and Update Active Directory information directly from the Parallels Automation Control Panel
  • Auto-purchase option to allow additional cloud service purchases based on Active Directory activity, such as automatically updating customer subscriptions and attaching them as new users are added
  • Automated and Intelligent provisioning based on Active Directory OU or security group rules
  • All Active Directory data now available to all APS 2 compliant ISVs for the purpose of offering auto-provisioning of their services with Open AD integration method

OPEN AD™ Integration
Leveraging Open AD integration for IDSync, Parallels ISV partners can provide real-time interactions with on premise SMB Active Directories for their cloud services, eliminating the cost and effort of building custom integrations. Unified central provisioning of user account information in the Parallels Automation environment reduces costs, speeds time to market, accelerates adoption, and improves security for the service provider and their end-customers. This is especially important for service providers who are moving up-market to serve customers who have hybrid cloud requirements.

The true benefit is to lower the cost of end-user administration, make buying and upselling easy, and provide better customer service with:

  • Instant provisioning of new users and services for faster customer service and increased revenues
  • Enhanced end-user experience through a single, automatic, password synchronization process
  • Easy maintenance and no investment in new servers
  • No coding required! Easy to install, learn and administer

IDSync 2014 APS 2 Package Preview

IDSync provides real-time identity information to the Parallels APS 2 Service Bus as changes occur and, when combined with password synchronization and user self-service features, fully automates time consuming user security tasks for SMB administrators, while providing cloud service providers and MSPs with a sticky competitive feature-rich solution for closing new business, lowering churn, and raising ARPU. As part of the Package Preview release program, both IDSync 2014 Active Directory plug-in and the IDSync 2014 APS 2 package will be available to qualified Parallels Automation partners in Q2, 2014. Please go to to register for the program and download the briefing package.

About IDSync®
IDSync® is the flagship product of InnerApps, LLC. It provides a unique Identity and Access Management platform which provides Application Level user security, password synchronization, and access management for enterprise customers needing to manage users and computers for both on premise and cloud based systems. User security is more than just platform access, it is application and data security as well.